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Omega Xi Omega Military Fraternity Inc. was founded on the Tenets of Service, Integrity and Unity. Through our various programs we strive to be a guiding light not only to our veteran community, but also in our schools, businesses and local community. We fully believe that service to others is the pinnacle of what it is to be an Omega Xi Omega member.


Junior Pharaohs Initiative

In an effort to motivate and inspire our junior pharaohs initiative was created. This program works with the JROTC programs in local schools to identify candidates that demonstrate the will to excel but could benefit from mentorship and guidance.  The program is separated into three parts.

  • Summer Initiation Program

  • Youth Sports Initiative

  • junior pharaohs Mentorship Program


Each candidate from the age of 6 to 18 will go through a 4 week program focusing on community service, educational meetings, mentorship and visits to military events. Upon completion of the 4 week program junior pharaohs will be mentored and assisted throughout their academic school years focusing on excellence in education, community service, post-high school and tutoring.



Through our Vets First program we strive to eradicate veteran homelessness, assist in obtaining benefits and improve the quality of life for all those who have served. By collaborating with both veteran and civilian organizations we educate, motivate and guide any veteran that may be in need. By being a vocal and adamant advocate for our veterans, we strive to reach those veterans that have been less fortunate and do everything in our power to improve their quality of life. Always putting Vets First!

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