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Omega Xi Omega Military Fraternity, Inc. was founded 14 January 2018 on the three tenets of Service, Integrity and Unity. It is the belief of our founders, governing body and members that these basic principles guide us in all our endeavors. Every man and woman seeking to gain acceptance into the brotherhood/sisterhood that is Omega Xi Omega must understand and fully adopt these tenets to be considered a member of this organization.



The mission of Omega Xi Omega Military Fraternity Incorporated is to promote and bring awareness in the local and veteran communities  while devoting  our highest standards of service. Unity is the ability to come together as one to promote growth within an organization and community.  Omega Xi Omega Military Fraternity Inc. is an elite co-ed military fraternity actively providing services, programs and assistance to our military, local, and veterans communities. 


Our Omega Xi Omega programs will offer guidance to enrich lives and promote resolve, as an outreach service program to support community service, education, and mentor-ship opportunity for our young adults, elderly and service members.  Omega Xi Omega strives to be an inspirational model of living and working together with all branches of the US military, veterans and their children creating social economics and educational changes not just for self, but for all within the military and local community. 


“Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement.  Integrity is the state of being whole and undivided”.


Omega XI Omega’s effectiveness in the community will:

Strengthen and serve proactively with supportive resources impacting the Fraternity’s growth.


Reassure and maintain commitment to the Omega Tenets.


Focus and commit to serving society and surrounding areas.


Provide an atmosphere that respects the Character and Moral values of each brother and sister.


Display the highest level of respect, dignity, pride, and ethical behavior.

Sustain and maintain mutually beneficial ties through community service, support of other organizations, businesses and government agencies to promote awareness near and far.

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